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A successful songwriter and musician is the same whose voice has a different magic. Music brings joy to everyone’s heart. A victorious songwriter compels his listeners to dive into the ocean of words. Fanakar Pankaj Udhas, who ranges from Ghazals to spell the magic of his in Hindi songs, is the famous ghazal singer of India. Friends, let me tell you one special thing about Pankaj Udhas, he not only fascinated the people of India by their Ghazals/Songs but going abroad, won the hearts of people. Pankaj Udhas made his ghazals and went to America to perform many ghazal shows which were a huge hit. His first ghazal album ‘Aahat’ came in 1980, which was huge super-hit.

In present time, the fashion of Ghazals has diminished in the movies, but Pankaj Udhas has a lot of expectation from the time. We’ll never forget to listen of Pankaj Udhas evergreen ghazals.

 Pankaj Udhas Personal Information In A Shot View

Name: Pankaj Udhas
Born: Jetpur, Gujarat, India
Date Of Birth: 17 May 1951
Ag: 65
Occupation: Ghazal Singer, Music Director
Genres: Ghazal, Devotional, Folk, Classical

Everyone called him the emperor of Ghazals. Pankaj Udhas is considered to be one of the legendary Ghazal maestros of all time. No doubt, His songs/ghazals touch hearts of everyone. Anyone who listens to Pankaj Udhas songs, he gets lost somewhere in a different world. Pankaj Udhas started his career with a reveal of a ghazal album titled ‘Aahat’ in 1980 and thereupon recorded many hits like Mukarar in 1981, Tarrannum in 1982, Mehfil in 1983 and much more.

Pankaj Udhas is son of Keshubhai Udhas and his mother is Jituben Udhas. In 2006, Pankaj Udhas was awarded the coveted Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian award. Pankaj Udhas is one of the famous ghazals singer. No one anyone compare with this talented man and no one can sing ghazals like Pankaj Udhas. When he sing ghazals, then there is unique pain and love in his voice. The pain that in Pankaj Udhas voiceand dose not sound in anyone’s voice. He such a legendary men in Indian music industry.

 Best Of Pankaj Udhas Ghazals Songs Download

We’re providing especially to you top ghazals of Pankaj Udhas songs album. Look down and download all hit ghazals song of Pankaj Udhas. The list of Pankaj Udhas’s Top evergreen songs.

 Song Title Album/Movie Name Download Links 
 Mujhe Le Chal Mandir  Lootere DOWNLOAD
 Jiyen To Jiyen Kaise Bin Aapke  Jashn DOWNLOAD
  Niklo Na Benaqab Zamana Kharab Hai The Best Of Pankaj Udhas DOWNLOAD 
  Kisi Ne Bhi To Na Dekha Dil Aashna Hai DOWNLOAD 
  Mohabbat Inayat  Bahaar Aane Tak DOWNLOAD 
  Ek Ek Ho Jaye  Best Of Pankaj Udhas DOWNLOAD 
  Jo Geet Nahin Janma  Sangeet DOWNLOAD 
  Phir Hath Mein Sharab Hai Nasha 2 DOWNLOAD 
  Mohabbat Inayat Karam Best of Pankaj Udhas DOWNLOAD 
 Sharab Cheez Hi Aissi Nasha DOWNLOAD
 Na Kajare Ki Dhaar Mohra DOWNLOAD
 Chithi Aayi Hai Naam DOWNLOAD
 Mein Deewana Hoon Naam DOWNLOAD
 Jeeye To Jeeye Kaise Saajan DOWNLOAD
 Dil Jab Se Toot Gaya Tanhaayee Ghazals DOWNLOAD
 Chupke Chupke Sakhiyon Se 100 Love Songs To Die 4 Stage 3 CD 4 DOWNLOAD
 Wo Ladki Jab Ghar Se Tejasvini DOWNLOAD
 Hothon Pe Tera Naam Main Khiladi Tu Anari DOWNLOAD
 Tujh Bin Ji Na Payenge Best of Pankaj Udhas DOWNLOAD
  Aaj Phir Tum Pe Dayavan DOWNLOAD
 Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera Pankaj Udhas CD 2 DOWNLOAD
 Jeeye To Jeeye Kaise Broken Hearts Songs CD1 DOWNLOAD
 Akhiyan Gham Ki Nadiyan Hai (Sad) Khanjar The Knife DOWNLOAD
 Aur Aashista Kijiye Baatein Jashn DOWNLOAD
 Peene Walo Suno Hasrat DOWNLOAD
 Ek Taraf Uska Ghar Nasha DOWNLOAD
 Tera Uljha Hua Daman Tanhaayee Ghazals DOWNLOAD
 Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera My Golden Ones DOWNLOAD
 Thodi Thodi Piya Karo Nasha DOWNLOAD

“Pankaj Udhas” My Best Collection | 90’s Evergreen Songs | Audio Jukebox

Songs included in this Jukebox are:-

1.Song : Na Kajare Ki Dhaar
Singer : Pankaj Udhas
Music : Viju Shah
Lyrics : Indivar
Movie : Mohra

Best Of Pankaj Udhas Bollywood Songs | Audio Jukebox | Evergreen Songs

Song Listing:-
– Aaj Phir Tum Pe
– Bhool Bhulaiya Sa Yeh Jeevan
– Aur Bhala Kya Maangu Main Rab Se
– Main Tere Saath Hoon
– Tere Dar Ko Chhod Chale
– Ye Kya Kya Dikhati Hai Ye Zindagi
– Sahara Tere Intezaar Ka Hai
– Dhal Gaya Chand

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